Sunday, February 27, 2005

Quicky Oscar Predictions

I must say, that it will be truly difficult to pick this year's Oscars. There will be a surprise or two, but I'll go with my gut here on the major nominees.

Adapted Screenplay goes to Sideways, a movie that will probably be lost in the Million Dollar Baby/Aviator battle will get its crowning achievement here.

Original Screenplay goes to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, since I generally think this will be a lifetime-achievement kind of Oscar show, Charlie Kaufman will get his after three noms.

Best Supporting Actress has always been a surprise-filled category. Cate Blanchett is the favorite here for The Aviator but I sense the Academy is sort of down on the film. Virginia Madsen wins here for Sideways.

Best Supporting Actor will go to Morgan Freeman for Million Dollar Baby after four nominations. I'd like to see Clive Owen win here for Closer, but like I said, lifetime achievement is going to win out.

Best Actress, one of the toughest categories to call with three buzz-laden women. With Annette Bening hamming it up, and Swank already with an Oscar, do I dare predict Imelda Staunton for her work? I truly sense the Academy is up with Million Dollar so I pick Hilary Swank here.

Best Actor has been getting some hype about Clint Eastwood, but this should be the no-brainer of the night. Should anyone other than Jamie Foxx for Ray win, it will be a shock.

Best Director is the toughest call, like I said, I really think Million Dollar Baby is the Academy favorite. But lifetime achievement coupled with Eastwood already winning for Unforgiven should make this Martin Scorsese's to win, for The Aviator.

Best Picture goes to Million Dollar Baby, in what has become a typical split-vote between director and picture, something that used to never happen.


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