Wednesday, May 04, 2005


An NBA coach is claiming that the playoffs may not be on the up and up. Haven't many people, including myself, suspected this for years? It's part of the reason I haven't watched a full game recently. And Stern's quick negative reaction has me thinking that there may be something to this. A lifetime ban? Are you kidding?

My theory is that the referees have more power than they should in determining the outcome of games, and Stern and company have looked the other way because they tend to be outcomes that, at least in the short term, bring more revenue to the league. This could be in helping big market teams to win, giving calls to superstars, or whathaveyou. Now, it's only a theory which, but I'm not the only one who holds it, and the league needs to address it. This is moving my opinion in the wrong direction. Is it doing the same for others?

I think that Van Gundy should be able to speak his mind, and that Stern has way too much power. And it's amazing to me to see how many people just acquiesce to that power and say Van Gundy should stand down. This whole incident makes me want to watch the NBA playoffs even less, except maybe to cheer for Houston.


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