Friday, June 03, 2005

D Lee got some respect

So, the Padres actually walk Derek Lee in a 2 out with runners in scoring position situation and then Jeromy Burnitz hits a two run double. Irony is a beautiful thing, but you still got to give the Padres credit for making the best decision at the time; throwing a fast ball down the middle to Burnitz with a 1-2 count was not a good idea however. Still, what kind of crazy ass season is this for Lee? On Tuesday night he went 0-5. I guess he figured he should step up his game after that. Because since then he has gone 8-8 with two walks. Seven game winning streak, baby. Hope they can ride it for awhile. At least the Cards didn't play today, so the Cubbies can gain a half game for 24 hours.


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