Friday, September 22, 2006

Shameless Promotion

A friend of mine just recently set up this kicker of an idea--imagine if a regular joe could somehow buy ad space during the Super Bowl to propose to his girlfriend? Well, this is what my friend hopes to achieve with My Super Proposal, in which he hopes to get donations from people willing to chip in a couple of bucks. Of course, he would be hoping for a couple of million bucks by the end of it; this is the freaking Super Bowl.

Really, like any kind of pop culture hopeful, the idea is a longshot. But it's a sort of why-not? venture. After all, there's this guy, who managed to trade one red paper clip for objects slightly higher in value and 14 trades later was able to get a house out of it.

Me, personally, I think the Super Proposal is an idea with potential to become a pop culture icon for a brief moment in time. Anyone interested in donating or making fun of my friend for being a weirdo can feel free to visit his site.


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