Friday, February 23, 2007

I defected

Yeah, I just want to be like Chris I guess. No, I've seriously been thinking about doing my own T.V. blog especially with how much of the shit I watch on a daily basis. So, I bit off the bullet and created one. It's in early stages and the look of it might definately change, but the content hopefully won't. I will be doing reviews of various shows and comments on various other things going on in television. I'm going to try to keep up a daily posting (At least one a day) to keep everything current with what's on the tube. To start things off I've got a small essay on the golden age of television that we are in right now, and hopefully tomorrow or Sunday I will have a review of "The Black Donnely's," a new show premering on NBC Monday night. I'm still planning on coming here to post other things that are on my mind non-tv related. So, I hope you guys give it a look, tell your friends, and so on and so on. You can get to it here


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