Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Month Ten

My biggest fear in the move to New York was the winter. I thought every day was going to be unbearable; but not only has this winter been mild, even when it gets really cold, like into the single digits, I've acclimated myself pretty well. That's not to say that I don't feel like shooting myself at times, like when the wind chill goes below zero and I'm waiting on a late bus, but I take extra care to be bundled in layers, complete with gloves, a hood, and a cap under the hood.

The latest on my job situation: I'll probably be flown to Knoxville (Regal's headquarters) in order to become a booth certifier. With New York City's theatres being (mostly) run by union projectionists for so many years, and with some theatres going to all-manager-run booths in June, the managers will need to be trained. From what I understand, I'm one of the few non-union guys in NYC within the company who knows everything. This could be potentially lucrative as I get paid for each manager I "pass" during certification. There's absolutely no way of telling how many people I might be responsible for training.

Let's just say, for now, that's perfectly fine for me to go in this direction. With a still-large debt to pay off, anything else I might want to do would cost money and put me further in the hole. The goal is, get that debt paid off.

And, XM has paid off as well. I still get to listen to the Predators. I just wish I could see them more. And a new baseball season always gets me pumped. Plus, reading things in the New York papers are hilarious concerning any sport, but especially when it involves trashing Alex Rodriguez.

Two months away, it'll be a year. Believe it or not.


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