Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Baseball Doldrums

Well, the Braves made it look like a race for awhile, all of two months, and then rapidly dwindled to injury and just overall bad play, and I see no more hope for this season and have considered "shutting it down" for the rest of the year. Baseball and the Braves have always been an unusual source of stress in my life. I find out that I'm much happier not following the games. I've been getting closer and closer to merely finding out what happened rather than being an active participant. With the Mets currently winning every way imaginable, it's an awful stake to the heart to hear the Braves constantly give up leads or be out of a game before they even start. Can I do it? As I said, I'm pretty close right now. After the beginning of the season in which I listened to most every game, I now barely even muster the interest in turning on my XM and seeing what the score is.

Tonight's 5-4 loss to the Brewers, after apparently taking a 3-0 lead in the first inning, is case in point. Listening to that ninth inning, with people swinging for the fences and striking out, not trying to do anything remotely like situational hitting, is why I am beginning to prefer not keeping up. Sports are emotional gambling. And I'm a junkie. And I need help. And it's time to stop wasting so much of my time. With the Predators sold and looking like they'll be gone from Nashville, and the Titans disappointing in many areas, it's just time to devote my energy to, I don't know...planting trees or helping my fellow man, or hell, just doing something different for once.

This summer is going to be a big test, almost like a mid-year resolution. I've already planned on cutting out most of my TV watching to like, three shows. I think this would all add up to me being more of a doer than a watcher/listener.

God is angry...we've made a false idol out of this Brad Goodman.


At 5/30/2007 01:51:00 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Many people would find this comment to be funny, but I've pretty much cut out baseball, largely because I'm so used to soccer now. I know it's an acquired taste, but do you realize that for 45 blissful minutes there are no commercials at all? And baseball's not nearly as bad as the NBA. My God...

And plus, the Reds suck. Again. Why care?

At 5/30/2007 02:52:00 PM, Blogger Chris said...

I'm in the initial stages of realizing that not having a team might increase my enjoyment of the sport. Therefore, I still may attend some games this year.

I can get into soccer, but not in large doses. It's the same sort of deal there...am I wasting my time watching? I guess we can say that about a lot of things.

At 5/31/2007 12:45:00 AM, Blogger Mike said...

I hear you. I watched a bit of the Brewers this last weekend, and it wasn't so bad since I hadn't seen them. I didn't know Fielder was doing so well. I'll still have my team, but how much fun is it to watch Cincy right now? I hate to be a bandwagoner, but I'd much rather watch a good team that knows how to win.


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