Friday, October 03, 2008

Highly Unnerved

This bailout bill passed today...and it makes me nervous for many reasons. There seems to be no immediate help, even after all that money gets thrown at the problem. The bill was passed with a whole lot of fear, which at least in the past few years has led us to very bad decisions. The government seems to have our very livelihoods in their power right now. Oh yeah, and in addition: Stocks were up over 200 points and then plunged to -157 after the vote. Confidence!

It also seems that the bill was passed with all sorts of nonsense attached, and we can now thank 3 of the 4 people currently vying for the top 2 positions in the land for helping it pass. Neither candidate is now worthy of a vote in my opinion. I am highly disappointed in my former choice, Barack Obama, for voting for this bill, and John McCain should also be rightly ashamed. Perhaps they aren't. Politically, I think either candidate could have come out as a big champion of the people by not voting for it, and said, "Wait, let's do something that makes sense." I would have instantly switched my vote to McCain had he said, "No." Instead, he's actually proud of this thing, wanting to earn credit for bringing his fellow Republicans together. And of course the Dems are all on Obama's back telling us what a great job he did. To use an old-timey phrase: Ah, phooey.

I know I'm not exactly alone in this thinking. Of course you have Lou Dobbs and his crew decrying the passage of "The Selling Out of America." I also heard earlier of lobbyists "working around the clock," on this thing. Is it beyond the realm of reason that this bill may have created home-grown terrorists? Think about someone crazy enough, already getting taxed like crazy, barely can afford a shack, can't get insurance for bad credit, can make bombs in his backyard, says, "I'm doing something about this." No one is actually fighting for us, and thus the people may fight back.

This whole thing sounds like, "We have a crisis! We need to fix it!" and we hear the numbers thrown around, "Oh, the $700-800 billion is going to help it!" and then the reality seems to be that we were hoodwinked. This bill is the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. It's the Trojan Horse. And we are becoming the United Socialist States of America, or USSA, if you prefer.



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