Friday, June 19, 2009

Thinking Too Much About Michael Bay's Genitalia

Is it just me or after watching the preview for the new "Transformer's" movie for the umpteenth time do you not think that Michael Bay probably has a really small dick? Is this not the equivalent of the guy who keeps buying bigger and faster cars? This movie doesn't even look like a movie; it looks like a hodgepodge of explosions and Megan Fox's assets. I don't necesarrily have a problem with this; the film will make a shit ton of money, but will any of us remember it or care about it the next day?

Oh, how I do miss on occassion the pre-internet days of summer movie going. Where you actually went into something like the latest "Indiana Jones" or "James Bond" film and it hadn't been forced down your throat with marketing gee whiz. Now with each preview leading up to the release of each film it's as if a bunch of grown men are whipping their junk out on the table to see who's got the biggest money maker. Which might completely negate what I orginally said about Bay since this should be the biggest money maker this Summer. However, I still think the dude has to be overcompensating for something, and I will still go see the film; I mean Megan Fox is really hot!


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