Thursday, October 04, 2012


On October 1st I decided to start watching at least 1 horror movie a day throughout this month. Nothing original; a lot of horror bloggers and the like are doing it, but I guess I wanted in on the fun. I thought about blogging it, but then figured per my usual if I started writing about it I would never accomplish it. Well, so far it's been 4 days and 4 movies; although I still have to watch my one today (I watched two on Monday), so I'm going to go for broke and start doing the reviews. I will start putting them up later tonight; hopefully I will be caught up in a day or two and can pretty much just post them as soon as I'm done watching each movie.

There will be really no theme other than I will be watching horror movies. Most of them will be ones that I have been recommended by many people and just hadn't gotten around to watching them. Some will be ones I just haven't watched in quite awhile and feel they are worth revisiting. I might even tackle my personal favorite film that I have chosen to never really write about in depth since just about everyone on the net already has. But since it's being re-released in theaters for a few days this month I might get around to it.

Only rule is that I have to watch at least one a day. Some days (especially weekends) I will probably see more than one, so we might end up with more than 31 reviews. As of right now we would at least have 32. Can't promise they will come before that day ends, so I guess you will just have to believe that I have watched them on the given day.

I implore anyone to join along in the fun and write up some horror themed posts of their own if you contribute to this site; none of us have written anything in a year. Hard to believe. I guess we are getting old. And anyone can throw in some recommendations for me for later in the month; I haven't got anything set in stone. If it's on Netflix Streaming or Amazon Instant Video Prime though that would be a huge plus. Just throw ideas or opinions in the comment section. Let's enjoy my favorite month of the year together. Happy Horror Movie Watching or something. Peace!


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