Monday, July 21, 2003

Getting this out of the way: I have a T3 review further down the page, on a message posted July 7. It's not much of a review. I guess my final thoughts on this is that I liked it, Cameron does seem to be missing, but there was great action scenes in the movie that make it worthwhile.

All-Star Game. I watched practically every moment of this, which is in stark contrast to last year where I didn't see one pitch. The game WAS exciting, but devastating to NL fans if they wanted their team to have WS home field (overrated, in my opinion, but Fox sure made it sound like it was the most important thing in the world), especially when the game was decided by a Dodger pitcher and a Ranger 3rd baseman. The NL really jumped on the AL with a Helton 2-run HR and a subsequent 5 run inning and it was 5-1. Then suddenly it was 5-3. Then Andruw hit a HR and it was 6-3. Then Giambi hit one and it was 6-4. Then Gagne came in, a man who has not blown a save since August 2002, gave up a run and then Blalock came up and hit a "no-doubter" in the bottom of the 8th that sealed the deal, 7-6.

I think what does need to be changed, if this "counts," is that not all teams need to be represented. I remember even in the 80s there wasn't a rule written or unwritten that made managers take the equivalent of a Devil Ray or a Tiger. And not all players were used, of course, and you would see guys like Cal Ripken play 7 innings sometimes, maybe even the full game. That's why I believe Bonds should have been in the ENTIRE game, none of this 3 at-bats crap, I mean he was the freakin' DH!

The 1-run record for the Braves used to be better, but I believe it was Rob Neyer who was saying that those types of games, winning those types of games, are sheer luck and have nothing to do with actual team greatness. I don't have a real opinion about it. I think if you win those types of games and the score is under 5 for both teams, it may mean something. But I know the Braves have lost games like 8-7 and 9-8, etc.


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