Thursday, July 24, 2003

I read yesterday that they are finally talking about doing a sequel to Big Trouble in Little China. Finally, a sequel is announced I would actually like to see. However, I would like to see a different director; I just don't think John Carpenter has it in him anymore to seperate the fun camp from the just bullshit camp. If either of you guys have not seen this movie, then check it out. It was a movie way ahead of its time and definately deserves the title of cult classic. Now if only they would make a sequel to Zero Effect and Unbreakable I would be a happy, happy man.
Also reading down all of the blogs I've missed, I must say I was glad to see that I was not the only one who appreciated the ridiculous onslaught of Charlies Angels:Full Throttle. While not necessarily a good film, it was definately a memorable one. I couldn't disagree more about The Hulk. The last thirty minutes of this movie were brilliant, but the first two hours were mindsucking to put it nicely. That last scene in the jungle was perfect; too bad it didn't have a great movie to go along with it. Also, I did see Wrong Turn. I forgot about that one. That's probably my least favorite movie of the year. I saw it high and didn't enjoy it; I cant' imagine how bad it sucks completely sober.
Speaking of sober, Mike, I still am; about seven months now. Since I'm not actually in AA maybe I'll make myself a pin. I think I deserve one.


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