Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Well, I don't have much more to add to the Sosa thing...really no point. I wish I could have seen footage of Graig Nettles' bat full of superballs busting and sending them all flying around Shea Stadium. I think the whole controversy proves moot with the scientific evidence involved and how it doesn't give you much of an advantage if any, so I have doubts as to what this means in the long run. A lot of people don't seem to care whether it gave him an advantage or not, despite the fact that I believe this was the only time anyway.

Way to go Reds and Cubs for sending the Yankees to a 2-4 interleague record! Here's the difference between the Yankees of today and the Yankees of the World Series years--not enough spray hitters. They have become a home-run happy team and it began with acquiring Giambi, letting Girardi leave and making Posada the full-time catcher, acquiring Mondesi to replace O'Neill, and to a lesser degree replacing Brosius with Ventura. I remember the championship runs where Knoblauch and Jeter would frustrate pitchers to no end, and I believe those pitchers started throwing hittable pitches just to get them out of the way, whether they made it 1st and 3rd or not. Then O'Neill, Bernie, and Tino would drive those runs in--and they were just as good at frustration. Pitchers would be worn out by the fifth inning. Now, they sit back and wait for 3-run HRs, which is the ultimate negative about having Giambi on your team. Any superstar-driven team is going to wait for the superstar to perform magic. The Yankees are still good but they are now the Braves of the AL--they can punish the regular-season foes, but postseason will be a different matter.


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