Friday, June 06, 2003

Good vs. Evil: Evil Wins

I should have told all of you that I was going to the game last night, so you could have bet against them. What a depressing game. About an inning of great, great fun, with a sellout house, the Yankees in town, and everyone riding on every pitch. Just why you love big crowds at baseball games. But, at the end of two, they were down 6-1, and that old familiar depression kicked in. Nothing like driving 1.5 hours to see your team get way behind in less time than that. It's really, really getting old. I've seen three games this year, and they've lost all three. The last time I saw them win a game was over a year ago. That's six losses in a row, I think, counting the pre-season game this year. Maybe I just shouldn't go to games anymore.

It is impressive to see the Yanks in person. Torre and Giambi and Rivera and Jeter are simply icons, and Soriano is getting to that level. And those fans! There were probably 5000 of them last night, and they were vocal, in a fun way. I love Yankees fans! I love Torre, and I admire most of the players on the team, very much. And I love NYC, too. Then why is it I hate the Yankees? I just do. We all do.


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