Monday, July 28, 2003

Thank God Bob Boone is finally fired. I really really liked Bob as a person, but he's simply not an effective manager. Hopefully someone will hire him as a catching coach or something. And, for goodness sakes, hire a real manager next time, a proven winner somewhere. That really counts.

Jim Bowden being fired I'm not quite as excited about. He's an average GM, but average in a really interesting way, and it kept the Reds at least with dreams of winning. He was wrong to fire Tony Perez, wrong to fire Jack MacKeon, but he's been right in stockpiling decent prospects, was right in his handling of Dunn and Kearnes, and certainly he was in the right in trading for Griffey. I'm not sure they can step up too much from that, unless they get a Beane disciple. With the wrong GM, we're headed towards Pirate land here. It could get ugly.

As far as T3 goes, I liked it. But, one thing really bothers me. So often there is a sequal to a movie that completely kills the entire plot and point of the previous movie. Why was there even a T2 to avoid Judgement Day when it came anyway in T3? All the excitement and emotion of keeping world destruction from happening is now worthless. It'd be like a "The Natural 2" where Hobbs marries Memo and works to get the Judge back into baseball.

Also, and not quite as important, with the incredible advances in Terminator technology, they sometimes forget what the powers they have. After the great scene near the start with the large many-wheeled vehicle, with that advanced Terminator chasing after them. They, when they get rid of her vehicle, they drive off. Somehow she completely forgets that she can run at blazing speeds! She does it later on in the movie. It just bothers me. They should set the limits better on these monsters. It would make it more realistic. Not that it wasn't cool otherwise. I really enjoyed the movie. Just not the ending.


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