Monday, August 25, 2003

The fantasy football draft. I have tried to conquer it's mysteries, probably much like anyone who plays (especially for money). No matter how it's set up, there will be flaws with your rankings. For instance, I'll stockpile one position in order to attempt to get the best players in that position, knowing that likely the top of the pile will be gone by the time the draft reaches me, because some (maybe more than less) won't actually bother to rank their players at all, meaning the top 20 or so players WILL DEFINITELY be gone by pick 20 (or at the most, 30). In the past several fantasy drafts, including hockey and baseball and last year's football, I've made the playoffs with my system, but I always had weaknesses where others were strong (although, I've won hockey twice in a row). I've never had a Sammy Sosa or Barry Bonds, I've had Richard Hidalgo or Jeromy Burnitz. And over a long haul, that certainly makes for a good record because consistency beats hot streaks over a season--it just doesn't win the playoffs. I probably won't go to the playoffs this year in baseball.

Anyway, you guys know how I draft, and it's almost always the same--I pick one guy I definitely want (in baseball, I throw about 3 pitchers at the top of the list, then go straight to the hardest position to fill with someone good, like catcher, and then second basemen, and so on). This year is no different. But how do you guys do it? What's your plan? I'd definitely like to know the plan of the guy in baseball who got Ichiro, Thome, AND Bonds somehow--probably didn't even rank his guys.


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