Friday, March 26, 2004

Alright, we all know the Reds aren't going to be very good. But, there is that slim chance, that if about a dozen things come together that they could compete. Such as Lidle returning to form, the bullpen stepping up, Larson finally getting it, Jiminez being solidly average, Casey returning to form, etc. Like I said, a slim chance, but it's spring and I'm allowed a bit of hope.

This is why the Griffey and Dunn trade rumors infuriate me. In order for this team to be good, the outfield HAS to step it up. Dunn, Kearnes, and Griffey are all injury prone, but they could also have an incredible year. Could. But if you trade them for some freaking class A ball pitcher, who will probably never stick in the big leagues anyway, you are already giving up on this season. I'd be at far fewer games, and I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one.

If the team ends up stinking, trade them in June. If we trade Griffey then, we have a chance to get a quality pitcher or two on the free agent market with the extra money, and that can help us win next year. I would be mad about a Dunn trade at any time, because he still has the potential to be very good, and he's a loved player in Cincy. If this new GM is worse than Bowden, I'm going to be very mad.


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