Tuesday, March 23, 2004

NCAA Basketball:

Well, of course, March Madness is something I will, eventually, always get into. I missed the first few games on Thursday but picked up on Friday and the rest of the weekend. I watched both Vandy games, and I thought the Vandy-NC State game was one of the best I've ever seen. I actually DID think UAB would beat Kentucky, and said so to one of my co-workers before the game. Perennial "east-coast-bias" espouser Stanford once again lost early in the tournament, showing again that there is no such thing. With media outlets like Fox located on the West Coast, it proves how incredibly silly that "bias" thing is now. And hell, for good measure, UAB (east) beat Washington (west), Alabama (east) beat Stanford (west), and Seton Hall (east) beat Arizona (west). I think I'll just rub it in some more. Besides the Vandy and UAB games, though, I've found the games to be slightly less dramatic than in earlier years. It'll always be fun.


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