Sunday, March 07, 2004

Jonathan...are you fucking high? I don't know...maybe I've walked into these movies with the wrong mindset (like TORQUE)...but I was given the impression by those who saw it before me that this would be funny, and I went in expecting such, and all I know is that I watched it laughing a minimal amount of times. It might be a crowd movie, although I haven't seen many "crowds" to watch it with. The same goes for Broken Lizard's SUPER TROOPERS, another inexplicably popular cult comedy. I'm not saying I didn't laugh (but it was less than 10 times), and I'm not saying that I didn't appreciate Jordan Ladd's fabulous gymnastic nudity, but I consider myself someone who can laugh at anything, and this movie didn't try hard enough, and that's all I ask. Plus, a movie with this sort of anything-goes attitude should have at least tried to get Brittany Daniel naked, or at least put in her in a situation that lived up to her "slutty" lifestyle that was purported by the script, which could have lent itself to some laughs. I liked the Pac-Man sequence, and I wished more of the movie could have been like that. Or how about the island urban legend about the guy looking for his penis? Couldn't there have been more stuff like that? The funniest part is when the killer explains why he started killing--that was inspired. I don't know...maybe I'll give it another chance someday.

Another review:

HIDALGO: I fell asleep during this movie. I WAS tired, but it failed to keep my interest for very long. I saw the beginning and the end, and it was truly exhausting. I might watch it again someday to see what I slept through...but thinking about it makes me sleepy.


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