Monday, April 05, 2004

I don't necesserailly know if there aren't NBA players out there to match the ones Chris mentioned, but I find myself less and less excited about NBA games as a whole. I mean, the superstars are there (McGrady, Bryant, Garnett, Kidd, etc.), not to mention Carmello Anthony and Lebron James. But all the bitching about salaries, the dominance of the West and the terrible play of the East; there might be three teams with losing records. Not too mention the awful field goal percentage most of these teams are shooting; in almost every game of the finals last year, there were like 37% compared to 25%; that's just not very entertaining basketball in my opinon. (And that is some awful writing on my part, but too lazy to change it.) I don't know, the essence of bball has just been lost on me, and I'm starting to lose interest in college as well, with all of the possible superstar juniors and seniors leaving for the NBA after there first or second year, if they even make it to college. I'm very glad baseball is finally getting underway.


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