Friday, April 02, 2004


JERSEY GIRL: This in many ways is Kevin Smith's finest film; it is easily his most complete. However, I still love the pure nastiness of "Chasing Amy," but this is a great add on to a double feature. Yes, this is PG-13 Kevin Smith, but hell, if it's a good movie, it's a good movie, and he still gets away with some stuff; I'm almost surprised this didn't get an R rating. As Chris said, the "Sweeney Todd" scene is the highlight, but I also loved the moments between Affleck and his daughter (I agree that this is his best performance to date) and I almost wish more had been done with him and Liv Tyler; they have a lot of great chemistry here that could have been further explored. What I was also impressed with was that Kevin Smith actually went out and got a good cinematographer. As much as I like "Clerks," "Dogma," "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," and the aforementioned "Chasing Amy," those are all pretty ugly looking films (the less said about "Mallrats" the better), but this film is simply gorgeous. It's definately the best looking romantic comedy I've seen in awhile. I guess if people were wondering if Kevin Smith could be soft and sweet, the answer is yes.

Star Rating: ***1/2

I will probably be going to see quite a bit of stuff this weekend, Meredith is off to a dog show in Birmingham, so "Hellboy," "Ladykillers," and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" are on my to do list.


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