Monday, April 05, 2004

I put the Cubs third because they are the Cubs! Sorry, but they are. Note I have Boston missing the playoffs, too (even though I'm rooting for them, and for the Cubs too).

One interesting note on the Cubs: if you look at runs scored for and against, they had a worse year last year than the Astros. And you can make the argument that they did better than the Cubs in the offseason. Plus, the Cards aren't bad, and could sneak up. If Prior's injury is serious, and Maddux proves to be old, they might not have the year they hope for. And then everyone will be expecting them to fail, which kills you. Have no fear that they will be plenty better than the Reds in fourth, though.

Oh yes, the NL WEST I just have no clue on, so I guessed.

I forgot my series picks:

Angels over Phillies in six. I think the Angels will be really good this year. Vlad's the pickup of the offseason, other than ARod. I really like that the Angels owner lowered beer prices and put more games on local TV. That man knows what he's doing, and I like seeing a fan friendly organization. Good team, too.


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