Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Clash of the Titans

Well, it looks like Chris and I are squaring off in both fantasy footbal leagues this coming week. Great. I guess it's too much to ask that we split, and each win one. Why do I get the feeling one of us will lose both and feel bad, while the other will win both and feel worse.

In one league we are both tied for first, at 2-0...so only one of us will be on top after this week, while the other takes a slippery step toward mediocrity.

In the other league we are both clearly in the bottom half of the middle of the pack, at a Tennessee Titans-like 1-2. So one of us will win and have bragging rights of the average, while the other will lose and thus apply for charter membership in the Sucky Sucks--an offshoot of the Kiwanis Klub.

What's interesting about these matchups, you might ask? Well I'll tell you. Both Chris and I have this way of traditionally being at best okay (and at worst really bad) at fantasy football. I can't quote you Chris' stats from past years, but I know we both always seem to have good teams that can't win. So this week should set aside, once and for all, the debate over which one of us has the Murphy's Law of Fantasy Football applied to them most often.

Watch us tie in both leagues. That'd be funny. Much luck to us both...but especially me.


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