Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Baseball Predictions - Angels in the Series

I'm facing a dilemma here. In my pre-season predictions, I put the Angels as the World Series winner. But then, I like Santana and Radke so much that I can't help but think about choosing them. And the Astros are playing great. It should be interesting...

Twins over Yankees 3-1
When even your closest competitor endorses you for the Cy Young, you're damn good. What a rotation! Supernatural, Radke, and, umm, well, I guess Batgirl. Okay, so... what a starting two! That's the only reason they lose one game. Yanks aren't allowed to win a WS as long as they keep putting together teams with money only, and ignore the TEAM concept they had in the late 90's.

Angels over Red Sox 3-0
Doesn't it just seem right? For all the talk in Red Sox land about how this is finally going to be the year, doesn't a quiet defeat in Angel-land seem appropriate? If they'd only sent Nomar to the Angels and gotten A-Rod, like they were supposed to, they probably would have won the division, and the Angels might be watching from home. A quiet loss to think about things, without even the usual anguish.

Astros over Braves 3-2
You know, with the Braves being so quiet, I'm tempted to sneak them past here. But, I just can't. The Astros are playing great baseball, and I simply think they have the better team. In fact, best team in the NL for now. That's my feeling.

Dodgers over Cards 3-2
Sorry Cards, but you peaked in August. It's October now. Plus, I hate you. I hate your winning ways. I hate how sickeningly sweet it is when you cheer the unpires before the game. I hate your fans making fun of my devotion to the Reds. Deal with it! (but yet, driving around Saturday night, what did I listen to? KMOX. Great baseball talk. Why can't Cincinnati be like this? I'll tell you - too much sarcasm in Cincy, too many jaded people.)

Angels over Twins 4-3

Astros over Dodgers 4-1

WS: Angels over Astros 4-3
The main reason I picked them to win it all this pre-season is this: if the Patriots can win 2 out of 3, then so can the Angels. I'm either a mad genius or a fool for not picking the Twins, who I would have picked otherwise.


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