Sunday, October 03, 2004


Just some quick Titans notes...

-Volek looked great on the two TD drives. All he did was take two steps back, and fire. To Mason, to Bennett, to Meier. They caught it, first down. But, on the other drives, he simply missed his target, often wide open, like McNair did last week. He was way off the mark on every long ball he threw. He couldn't do anything fancy.

-The D could not stop Tomlinson. They could not stop the Brees to Gates route up the middle that was successful all day. Ugly for the Titans. Thy primairily had two weapons, and they couln't stop either.

-I watched this game at a bar downtown, with some guy on business from San Diego. That was enlightening. He said that normally there are about 15 missed tackles per game, and today I don't think I even saw three. They simply played above their heads in that regard. Tennessee cannot win with their backup QB against a motivated San Diego team. That's what we learned today.

-Dyson looked bad on that 49 yard pass play early in the game, letting his guy go too late. Then Rolle, who's looked okay this year, was really stupid in going for the interception on the pass that made it 31-17. Some bad cornerback play hurt awfully.

-Volek faced a blitz often today that the O-line could not stop. And he wasn't mature enough to beat it. Brees, on the other hand, seemed to beat the blitz fairly well. GB made a big mistake last week when they continually blitzed Manning, who then threw for 5 TDs. Most NFL QBs can beat the blitz, but Volek showed his inexperience today.

-Hentrich was painful. I guess he's still not recovered from his injury, but a veteran like him should not have three bad punts in a row like that.

-Brown didn't do much of anything today. But he can take a mulligan.

-Here's a stat for you: Yards Per Pass Play Tennessee-4.3 San Diego-9.4

-Here's another: First Downs Tennessee-21 San Diego-16


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