Sunday, October 24, 2004

Titans Good at Losing

Some teams have that magic ability to win, like stupid Jacksonville (which has several come-from-behind wins, including one over my precious Colts today-Dang!) or New England.

Our Titans have the polar opposite of that particular kind of karma--the ability to lose games. They come from behind to end up even further behind. Ugh.

A few brief notes:

-I'm tired of hearing the thing about injuries. What are the major Titan's injuries? Peter Sirmon, Calico, Nedney, Pillar, and Shulters. Well, Shulters hasn't been injured long. Really, Sirmon, Calico, Nedney, and Pillar are the season-long injuries, the guys we've been missing all year. Now, I've heard a ton of praise for Pillar's replacement, Bell, and he seems to be doing fairly well to me.

As I see it, in my limited football knowledge, the biggest struggles for our team have been our poor defense and our lack of playmaking ability on offense. I for one, having watched all the Titans games this year, am willing to blame a majority of the offensive woes on McNair (tons of poor throws...just tons, overthrows, underthrows, etc.), Volek (he looked like crap today, and you're right Mike...all his fault on the turnovers), Bennet (dropped more passes this year than I can count...but remember he's getting imperfect throws often too), and the tight-end dilema. The tight ends are the only injury-related problem.

On defense, we have some linebacker woes with injury...and I'll give them that. But really, the big trouble has been our pass rush (Kearse gone, new guys not good at being good) and pass defense (Rolle still good, but off a step this year...he's been burned a couple glaring times, and don't even get me started on Andre I-Could-Cover-A-Receiver-Better-Than-Him Dyson...who has been burned more times than the Olympic torch).

I guess my point on injuries is that I'd be a lot more willing to talk about injury problems if we had anybody on the field besides Brown who was getting it done. Some of our best non-injured players (McNair, Bennet, Rolle) have been a bigger part of our poor play than the injuries. Are you really gonna tell me that we'd be 6-1 if only we had Calico and Sirmon and Kinney? With Calico and Kinney...they'd still need a quarterback that can get them the ball, and we don't seem to have one of those this year.

If we were 2-5 with major injuries to Mason, Kevin Carter, Brown, and McNair...then I might be willing to blame our woes almost entirely on injury.

-Volek. I wanna defend the guy, because he has had two great games starting for McNair in the last couple years. But....I can't. He looked bad today. Why did the Titans go so far a distance to re-sign him this off-season anyway? Because of one great game, really, when you boil it down. Sure, they see him in practice and stuff...but NFLers are always saying that practice and games are totally different. I mean, one great spleen-bursting game last year and he's our let's resign him pronto!! I just think it's conceivable that he's average, and that game last year was him playing a little above his head. I'm just saying that's possible. But at this point, even as average as he was, I haven't seen anything from McNair all year to make me sure that there's even a tangible difference between them.

-We only scored three points today against what until today was considered to be one of the worst defenses in the NFL. The Vikes have the same reputation as the Colts....great offense, really suspect defense. We still have a Jacksonville game and a Denver game on our schedule...if we'd played this game today against either of them...would we even have gotten the three points?


At 10/27/2004 10:17:00 AM, Blogger Anon said...

This is why I watch hockey, or better yet, any sports OTHER than football... :)


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