Friday, October 22, 2004

Boston and St. Louis, a brief history of sports

The following post is a bunch of fun stuff I found. I don't know how much you'll find interesting, but actual analysis of the upcoming World Series will be forthcoming.

Once again, the cities of Boston and St. Louis take center stage in a clash of a sports league's best teams.

It last happened in 2002 when the New England Patriots beat the St. Louis Rams in the Super Bowl.

In 2 World Series in 1946 and 1967 the Cardinals handed the Red Sox two 7-game losses.

In 1970, the two cities faced off in their only Stanley Cup, a 4-0 sweep the Bruins handed to the Blues (both franchises suffered enormous losses to the imperial Montreal Canadiens, by the way. In '46, '53, '57, '58, '77, '78 the Bruins fell to the Canadiens, and in '68 and '69 the Blues fell to them)

St. Louis had an NBA team way back when, and they were the Hawks franchise that now resides in Atlanta. Surprisingly, in their NBA Finals history, the Celtics and Hawks played 4 times (it comprises the entire number of appearances for the St. Louis Hawks) in '57 and '58, '60 and '61. The Celtics won 3 of 4 and lost in 1958.

So, 8 total championships have been decided between these two cities.

Championships for these cities:


NFL (2): Patriots, 2002 and 2004
MLB (6): Red Sox ('12, '15, '16, '18), Braves ('14), Pilgrims (1903)
NBA (16): Celtics ('57, '59-'66, '68-'69, '74, '76, '81, '84, '86)
NHL (4): Bruins ('39, '41, '70, '72)

2 Super Bowl losses ('86, '97), 5 World Series losses ('46, '48 Braves, '67, '75, '86), 2 NBA Finals losses ('85 and '87), and an incredible 10 losses in the Stanley Cup ('43, '46, '53, '57, '58, '74, '77, '78, '88, '90).

Total championships in Boston: 28. Total losses: 19.

St. Louis

NFL (1): Rams, 2000
MLB (9): Cardinals ('26, '31, '34, '42, '44, '46, '64, '67, '82)
NBA: (1): Hawks ('58)
NHL: (0)

1 Super Bowl loss ('02), 7 World Series losses ('28, '30, '43, '44 (Browns, who played the Cardinals, so St. Louis stood to win or lose no matter what), '68, '85, '87), 3 NBA Finals losses ('57, '60, '61) and 3 straight Stanley Cup losses ('68-'70).

Total championships in St. Louis: 11. Total losses: 14.

So 72 Championships have gone through these towns, 39 wins, 33 losses, and 8 have been played between them. Boston holds a 5-3 edge, but are 0-2 in baseball. Who will win Championship #73, the 9th involving both these cities? Stay tuned.


At 10/22/2004 11:26:00 PM, Blogger Kevin Rector said...

You keep using that word... "empirical". I do not think it means what you think it means.

At 10/23/2004 08:34:00 AM, Blogger Chris said...

OK, Kevin. You're absolutely right. Empirical of course means, observations derived from an experiment. I know this. Maybe I should change the word to "dynastical" (also not a word) or the word I was looking for at the time, "imperial." I will change it, since I always seek accuracy.

At 10/23/2004 08:46:00 AM, Blogger Kevin Rector said...

Yeah, I hope you know that was only lighthearted ribbing on my part. I stopped for a moment and realized that you were saying that Montreal had a empire. The Internet does not always provide great insight into a person's language because of the lack of facial expression and tone of voice and such. I hope you realized that when I was typing it, I was chuckling to myself and saying it in a Spanish accent a la The Princess Bride.

At 10/24/2004 01:44:00 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Yeah, I did. In fact, I was going to say--Thanks, Mandy Patinkin, I'll change that.

At 10/24/2004 01:44:00 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Yeah, I did. In fact, I was going to say--Thanks, Many Patinkin, I'll change that.


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