Saturday, October 23, 2004

LadyPredator on Preds Special Event

Yet again, the Predators are making sure they keep the fans involved and this post by the LadyPredator is another good example of it. Trotz and company took these fans through a pre-game routine of analyzing the opposition, including actual scout comments on the Sharks. They they asked the fans what lines they would have formed. Sounds like a truly interesting and stimulating experience, along with getting to meet actual NHL coaches.

Here's the best quote, restating a theme we've touched on often:

Trotz said that one of the ESPN media guys told him that the Predators/Wings playoff games here were the only time he actually had problems with his cameras at a sporting event and he's covered Superbowls and NBA playoffs and everything. The problem he had with his cameras was that the building was literally shaking with the noise of the crowd.

Yep, that's what I expect from a Predators' crowd now.


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