Thursday, December 30, 2004

Blog Format Update

I've been pretty excited lately by some of the added attention we've been getting. Not much, but enough to give us a taste! I had the idea that we should update the blog a little bit to highlight our strengths. Does anyone have any ideas? This could be a format change, more links, a "greatest hits" section, or whathaveyou. I'd love some comments or suggestions.

I've added something to the sidebar on the right that I think is worthwhile. Chris spends a lot of time on movie reviews on this blog, and the great majority of our random search engine hits are movie related, so why don't we highlight that? Scroll down a bit and you'll see the new perma-links on the right. I hope it makes our site a bit more enjoyable.

Also, when you click on "comment", it opens the comments for that post on this page, no longer opening a new page. I think that is more useful.


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