Monday, February 20, 2006

Movie Releases, 2/24

This Friday we see the return of Paul Walker after a long hiatus of one week. It's Wayne Kramer's Running Scared, and no, there's no Billy Crystal in this, and especially no Gregory Hines. That would be morbid. Kramer's last writing/directing combo was the very good The Cooler. And he wrote Mindhunters, so hopefully he's responsible for that "I guess we finally found his weakness...Bullets" line. Considering this is more B-movie territory, we might have some fun with this.

And here's a movie the IMDb knows nothing about. It's Doogal, and they don't list the voices of Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, Whoopi Goldberg, Daniel Tay, or William H. Macy. The Weinstein Company is already touting this "from the team that brought you Hoodwinked." Amazing how a movie that no one had heard of a couple of weeks before its release became a mid-level hit and can suddenly be referred to as a selling point a month later for another movie. It's something about diamonds, and how these animals, including a dog named Doogal, need to get there before the bad guy does, because he can use them to freeze the sun...or something. We'll see.

The sequel to Diary of a Mad Black Woman arrives this weekend as well, Madea's Family Reunion. Look for a bunch of people who used to be good and used to go to church regularly who are now evil bastards, but can change only through loved ones. Sex sells. Tyler Perry finally gets to direct his own screenplay.

The IMDb has also curiously listed Ultraviolet as a release this week, but all of the national ads are saying March 3, and that's what I've been seeing on our various calendars at work.

In other words, looks like another fairly slow February week.


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