Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Email Address

I've set up an email address so that our readers can mail us if they'd like. Feel free to shoot us a message any time to:

lnnline (at) gmail [dot] com

We don't guarantee that we'll check it every day, but we'll look at it fairly often. This should help us keep up with your comments a bit better as well, as all comments will be sent to this address. We're happy that we have a few people who drop in, and we'd like to get to know them better. Thanks everyone.


At 2/07/2006 04:55:00 PM, Blogger Matthew S. Urdan said...

Hey Mike, I got your comment on Eight Below. Yeah, it's worth seeing. Chris is right. Although I would add to Chris' review that even though there is no real violence, the movie is scary for young children. the eight year old twins behind me for crying and wanted to leave the theater after the disaster following the southern lights display and the leopard seal attack was the clincher.

Sometimes, death of dogs can be more painful emotionally, especially for kids, than the death of human beings. This movie brought tears to my eyes, and that is rare. It certainly had the kids in the audience at the preview crying and silent.

Awesome movie, definitely worth 8 bucks or whatever a night time ticket runs these days in Louisville.

Cheers! And thanks for checking out my blog...I'm having some graphical format issues, but at least the text is still good.


At 2/07/2006 04:57:00 PM, Blogger Matthew S. Urdan said...

Mike, I published both your comments. I'm a restaurant manager, and I don't want disgruntled employees posting trash on my blog, etc. So I review all comments before they are published. I just want to make sure there's no profanity directed at anyone, no racism, religious slurs, etc...In short, no hate comments.

Here's my email address: msurdan@aol.com

Thanks for reading.



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