Saturday, March 25, 2006

This Could Be The Greatest B-Movie Ever

There could be a lot of fun to be had at the movies this year. Mission Impossible and X-Men get their third outings. We get the return of Superman and James Bond. David Fincher's Zodiac movie, etc. But this August we are going to get to see some snakes on a motherfucking plane in the aptly titled, "Snakes on a Plane."

I don't think I'm looking forward to anything more than this. First off, it stars Samuel L. Jackson, and if we wanted to see anyone save us from snakes on a plane, I would have to say Jackson would be my first choice. You could also say this shows he will do anything for a paycheck, but semantics, people. It's snakes on a freaking plane.

And now it's gotten out that originally this was going to be PG-13 fare, but due to the obsessive talk this film has gotten from B-Movie lovers, like myself, New Line has decided to add ten to twenty minutes of hard core feverish shit so we can have an R rated version. This won't be soft, touchy snakes on a plane anymore; it's going to be gory as hell, and hopefully fun to boot.

I don't know why this film has gotten me so giddy, or the filmworld as a whole is standing up to celebrate it. EW has started a "Countdown to Snakes on a Plane." I'm not kidding; I wish I were. But I say cheers. I love my serious drama as much as the next guy. But sometimes I just gotta see...well...some SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!!!


At 3/25/2006 08:23:00 AM, Anonymous John B said...

HOLY SHIT!!!!! Deee Snakes, Deeee Plane!!

I, too am a b-horror-movie freak!! I cant think of anything more exciting. I'm constantly scouring for straight to video horror films. I rate them on a beer scale of how many it takes to make them enjoyable or funnier than they already are. For example, "Scar is a 12 packer".
I haven't seen this one yet, so thanks for sharing


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