Thursday, March 29, 2007

Amazing Stats

This morning, features Phillies slugger Ryan Howard. Underneath his picture it states:

So, how did Ryan Howard go from 151 Ks in 2003 to 58 HRs in 2006? The NL MVP kept tinkering with his swing while toiling in the minors. Oh, and he's not done tweaking that sweet stroke.

I like Ryan Howard as much as anybody who follows baseball. But don't start praising the man because he went from one statistic to another unrelated statistic. He struck out 151 times in 2003 (in the minors)...well, after "tinkering with his swing" and hitting 58 HRs in 2006, he still struck out 181 times. You can't say he's improved from 151 K to 58 HR. That's like saying I used to be terrible at sewing but now I'm a great bull wrangler.


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