Monday, December 29, 2008

Playoff Predictions

Well, since I don't have to write papers any more, I guess I should expound on the playoffs and actually contribute to this blog...after all, I am a "contributor". That title has a nice ring to it. Speaking of rings, I know several teams in the playoffs that won't get one. Since I care less about it, let's get the NFC out of the way.

Until recently, my pick for the NFC was the Giants. They are a very good team in all facets of the game, and will be at home. They have, however, the air of inevitability of Hillary Clinton...and we all know how that turned out. So, who is the NFC's Barack Obama? Or should I say, Giants? Let's find out.

First Round:
Philly v Vikes: While it's hard to bet against the league's leading rusher and (sadly) the number one defense against the run, Philly will make the most of their second chance.

Falcons v Cards: I'm hoping my wife has chores for me to do during this game--if she doesn't, I may have to be proactive. Let's go with ah, well, the falcons in the battle of the birds.

Philly v G-men: This will be an instant classic...but only for the Giants. I'll say 31-27
Hot 'lanta v Carolina: We can only hope that the bye week doesn't tame the Panthers, otherwise this pick would be incorrect. Atlanta is at least a year away.

NFC Championship: Carolina v G-men...Carolina is on fire and nearly nipped the Gints a few weeks back. This time, Carolina will prevail and advance to the Super Bowl.

First Round:
Baltimore v Miami: Sorry fins, you didn't beat ANYONE all year. Baltimore is battle tested and will enjoy the good weather at your expense.

Colts v Bolts: This may depend on the health of one Ladanian Tomlinson, but I'm going to give the Colts the edge here. Peyton loses in the second round, not the first.

Second Round:
Baltimore v Nashvegas: Actually, I like the Ravens here, but I've been burned (along with a lot of betters this season) by the Titans. So, against my gut instinct, I'm going with the hometown team.

Indianapolis v Blitzburg: Round 2 goes to the Steelers in a KO. After some rest, the Steelers' D comes in ready to open up a fresh can on the Colts and the first Manning brother.

AFC Championship:
Blitzburgh v Smash and Dash: I honestly don't think the towel stomp will be a players really need an added incentive besides a Super Bowl berth? I may be wrong on my pick last year, because I really don't think the Titans are as good as advertised, but neither is the Steelers' offense. The Steelers have a great defense--one of the greatest EVER, but it may not be enough to compensate for their anaemic offense. But, if the Steelers protect the football and do not hand scoring opportunities to the Titans, they will win in a squeaker.

Super Bowl:
I'm not ready to pick a winner, but I know that the Steelers need to have an offense if they want to hang with the Panthers. I'm going to hope for the best, but it's going to be tough. We'll have to wait and see, but it's looking pretty good for the people of North Carolina.


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