Tuesday, May 27, 2003

OK, I believe the Braves will be OK in the postseason if they don't have to face the Reds...or Adam Dunn in the late innings. Before we start scratching our heads why a team like the Reds, who just got swept by the last-place Marlins, can play to the caliber of the Braves, I just offer this as part of my one growing skepticism about the Braves. The pitching simply isn't great. They can get by teams who have an average offense, but they can't play well versus high-caliber offenses like the Reds who have hit more HRs than any team in the league. It becomes a Texas Rangers-style shootout and the Braves will probably play around .500 against such teams, and luckily there are only a couple of them in the NL. I can't see them beating the Red Sox or A's or Mariners in the World Series. I think they could get by the Twins. We'll see, of course, if they get that far. You know what would be a big story, should be a big story, and maybe it is but I've missed it, is the play of the Montreal Expos. The 2nd best record in the Majors.


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