Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I agree with you on the draft comments, Chris. I always feel I have a pretty damn good team going in, and I never even come close to winning. This year I have a team that looks pretty good on last year's paper, but who knows if any of these people will be any good come opening day, or even healthy. They really need to look into getting rid of preseason.
The ups and downs of having fifteen teams. I like all of the competition, but we all got kind of screwed at running back for the most part, which is an integral part to a fantasy team. However, everyone may also be pretty even at this point, but a few people actually managed to get two solid ones. George, for instance, wound up with Priest Holmes and Corey Dillon. I ended up with Clinton Portis, but then after that, Jonathan Brooks? Ewww. I looked at all the teams, and it looks like a pretty fair shakedown. It will be interesting to see if any trades are made or anything, but who knows?
Everyone seems to have their own philosophies going into the rankings. Scott, for instance, told me if he was going to win, he was going to win with a team he liked, so being the true Chicagoan, he put a bunch of present and former Bear players high in his draft. I compared a lot of top 50 prediction lists and went from there, but Chris, however you do it, you always seem to come out pretty close to the top, so I would go with whatever you've been doing. Also, my Dad will probably be the only man in the country who got the first pick in the draft and wound up with Steve McNair. That's right. Steve McNair was the first player to go in our draft. But who knows, that may be the wisest pick; it's a crapshoot, I tell you; a crapshoot.


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