Saturday, August 30, 2003

Well, I had Faulk right off the bat in this draft. I had a feeling that he might be the offensive juggernaut of years past, then I put every decent quarterback under the sun after him, and then figuring that running backs are going to give you the most points, a stockpiled a whole bunch of those after the QB's. Then WR, then TE, then DEF, then K, and so on. I've got some stars on this team, which is not usual for my type of draft, but I also have some very questionable guys. Rod Smith is a premier receiver, but he's been dropping the past few years, and Galloway hasn't regained his Seattle form in Dallas. Plus, I have Emmitt Smith--who knows how Arizona is going to treat him? And for the past two years, Eddie George has been average. I have nobody at TE, but I have a good kicker and a good defense.

I'd say I have a good chance to win on most weeks, but we'll see.


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