Tuesday, March 09, 2004


THE PRINCE AND ME: Surprisingly solid romantic comedy/fairy tale with insanely beautiful Julia Stiles as the "me" of the title, although the story isn't told from only her point of view. The movie offers some laughs, and as a fairy tale the movie has wild ideas about a prince and a downhome Milwaukee gal trying to make it work--I thought for a moment the movie was going to address this and have a different ending than expected, but much like any fantasy there has to be a happy resolution. It's also sort of refreshing to see Denmark represented in the royal family instead of jolly old England. One qualm: After the prince (Luke Mably) sees a sort of "Girls Gone Wild" advertisement showing girls from Wisconsin pulling off their tops, he expects Stiles to do the same when he first meets her--I can't really believe that anyone would actually stereotype a certain group of people just from watching a sleazy commercial, but it leads to an easy laugh and the requisite, "Make the girl hate the guy before falling in love with him," plot device.


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