Friday, April 23, 2004

Fantasy baseball: It's difficult, knowing what to expect from these players I have. Every time I think, hmm, Jermaine Dye is available...I look at my outfielders and say, "Dye shouldn't be needed!" and so I don't pick him up. Then I look at shortstop. Derek Jeter has been horrendous through the first games, and there's people like Adam Everett available...and then I look at Jeter again and say, "Everett shouldn't be needed!" all the way through my lineup it goes like that, especially pitchers. Halladay and Mussina have been disappointing, and they should be racking up pitching stats for me. But I can't get rid of them. Just can't.

The NFL Draft...geez, how many factors go into what player to pick? Do you go for the best available player, regardless of position, do you fill a need, if I pick this player will he mesh with my current players, yeah this guy will be great for this team but not for that team? I think of Randy Moss, sitting there at the 16th pick a few years ago. A few people will say to me, "Should've gotten Moss instead of Kevin Dyson," and I wonder---would Moss have been nearly as good as he was with the Vikings, given the run-first nature of the Titans offense at the time? Moss fit perfectly in the definitely pass-first Dennis Green system. I think you have to make that decision. Yeah, the Titans needed a receiver, but Moss was a great risk, and I don't believe we would be sitting here today talking about what a great pick that was.

The analysis, in general, I steer clear from. Draft day usually means lots of trades, unless that first pick is bonafide, which it isn't this year. If I were the Chargers, who clearly need as much help as they can get, I would trade for as many picks as I could get with that first pick, and keep trading until there were no more takers, where I have a lot of later-round picks so I can get a squadron of young talent to come to my team. I just don't know if much matters this year, guys, with the Patriots having all those picks, plus Corey Dillon now. Is that even fair?

My review of MAN ON FIRE will be forthcoming, but not now.


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