Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The good news for the Cubs is that Prior should be back by May, and they don't have to play the Astros or Cardinals once in April; in fact, they have a pretty easy first month by MLB standards. Maddux and Lee are not the answers, but I don't think anyone is saying they are. They needed a strong fifth pitcher, and they got a solid one in Maddux; think how many games they lost because of there fifth pitcher last year (I can't remember for the life of me who it was.). Wood might be a little inconsistent at times, but he's got a much better bullpen backing him up, and Zambrano should have an even better year; Clemmet, I don't care for too much, but he's still solid. In Lee, they get a little more oomph at the first base position, plus defensively he's one of the best. They also picked up a great off the bench guy in Todd Walker, and a hell of a catcher in Michael Barrett; did anyone else see him run out that triple; he's a very smart baserunner. You're right, they're the Cubbies, but this year they are the Cubbies with a hell of a lot more confidence than they've had in years. It's funny; this might be the first year that when someone talks about the highs of the Cubs, Sammy Sosa is usually third or fourth on the list. That says something.


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