Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Here's another interesting thing about the library woes. I told Mike about how it wouldn't allow me to go to fantasy baseball because every time I'd click on it, someone else's account would show up. Occasionally, I could go to one page and it would display my yahoo name to show that I was indeed logged in, but every time I'd click baseball it would go to the same account. There is indeed a library network problem here, but if Yahoo would stop making the "SIGN UP NOW!" web page the default page when you click on "Fantasy Baseball" then everything would be OK. But now there's a new wrinkle! I decided, hey, I'd go to ANOTHER library and see what happens. Guys, the SAME accounts show up, and when I go to fantasy baseball page (SIGN UP NOW!) it shows MY account--a completely different library 5 miles away has the same hangup, with the same accounts stuck there!

I could ask these library people what the hell is going on, but they all seem very unhelpful. Oh well, guess I'll try at some point.


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