Monday, April 12, 2004

You know, in a perfect world, I'm down there at the Arena buying a scalped ticket and cheering with that Preds crowd, which I heard was great. In the real world, I did homework from 3-midnight. I had to follow the game on the half hour updates on Fox Radio! Pure torture. I wanted them to win that game so bad, because that might help keep them from folding. People nationwide don't realize that we have a pretty good fanbase. They've played them close all along, and a win Tuesday seems far from out of the question. I'm glad we got Detroit in the first round, as a good showing will make an impression league-wide.

I haven't gotten to make a Reds game yet this year, which stinks. Can't wait until the semester's over, at which point I might just set up camp at the GABP. I'm so thrilled with 4-2, Dunn's 4HR, and that sliver of hope that they can build on it. Still, injuries, and pitching returning to earth, loom in the distance. It would be almost impossible for those two to remain away all year. In any event, I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.


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