Sunday, April 11, 2004

Well, despite the 10-2 drubbing the Cubbies gave to the Braves today, your assessments about the Cubs offense can be pinpointed to something that irked me about even the Braves vaunted offense a year ago: Way too many right-handed bats. Of course, the percentages say you will face right-handed pitchers most of the time, and that right-handed pitchers get the most of right-handed batters most of the time. Here, you have Sosa, Alou, Lee, and Ramirez all in the middle. In the regular season, those batters will occasionally drill a Russ Ortiz. But they won't drill a Curt Schilling or a Josh Beckett. The heart of the lineup either represents a murderer's row or, in most cases, a chance for the pitcher to get into a groove because they get to pitch in the same way to several batters in a row. The Cubs' record vs. lefties this year will be amazing, just watch.

Ahh, Preds, love that win today. Keep it up. Of course, Detroit faithful call in and say this will be it--they're so amazingly prescient: I guess they picked that Anaheim sweep last year.


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