Wednesday, April 07, 2004

"Props" to Off-Wing Opinion (see the site here), my favorite sports blog, for responding to my email, and posting our site on the side of his site. Welcome any visitors! We talk mainly about movies and sports here, with movie reviews galore. Send any comments to my address on the side.

I seem to be the only person to have chosen the Predators to win it all, raising my chances of winning a "special prize" from 0% to 0.0001%. Scroll down to see Eric mention me in the Wings-Preds review. I think the Preds have more of a chance than people think to get past the Wings, given that there is something of a rivalry in Nashville, but not much more of a chance. I wish I could go to a playoff game, and will only make it if they somehow get past the Wings. Ahh, the prerils of getting an MBA.


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