Saturday, April 10, 2004

Greetings, one and all, from Little Rock, AR. My nephew David is 1 year old as of April 8, and I'm basically here for 24 hours before going straight back to Nashville.

Well, there are some strange happenings with this Atlanta team. They get bombed on opening day, and essentially get bombed the next two games but poured it on enough themselves to get two wins. Then, a fine pitching matchup and a great performance by Horacio Ramirez is thrown down the toilet by Smoltz, who has a 12.00 ERA now. I'm really concerned about Smoltz. Reitsma new closer? Eh, it'll never happen as long as the closer's name is Smoltz--but he's looking scary bad.

As for the Predators, I thought the excitement of that goal 16 seconds into the game was going to propel them not only through the game but the series. Detroit's coach was right: That Sullivan penalty shot was a huge moment in the game. Maybe the Preds can sneak out with a win today.


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