Saturday, April 10, 2004

I'm really looking forward to "Kill Bill:Volume 2," Chris you are truly a bastard. But I'll get to see it soon enough; I'm probably going to hit "Girl Next Door" tonight if the Braves/Cubs game ends beforehand, or isn't a boring ass game. I look forward to see what other careers Tarantino resurrects in the future; it would be cool if he could do a twisted action piece with Mickey Rourke and Ron Perlman; wouldn't that be badass?
As for baseball; the Cubs offense is really bugging me so far. I know it's early on, but their one big weakness is that they are going to have a hard time manufacturing runs. It makes me wonder if Dusty Baker knows how to do a lineup. Corey Patterson is prime for the leadoff position; he's only gotten more patient at the plate. And Grudzelanek is an ideal number 2. Alou is not a great clean-up; I think Derek Lee or Sosa would fit better in that position; put Alou at 5 and Ramirez at 6 or even Micael Barrett. I know it's typical to put an average hitting catcher in the 8 spot, but Barrett is pretty quick compared to most of the people in the lineup. If they're in the race toward the end of the season, I'm sure they'll pick-up a few needed spots, like shortstop for instance, but I guess we'll see.


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