Monday, January 31, 2005

Oscar-Friendly Pull-Down Menu

Well, it was a little work on my part, but I found every movie I've seen this year that has gotten an Oscar nomination and have made it easy to find them using the pull-down menu above. A lot of these reviews were in those dark days where I had a limited library time to write them. A lot of the time they are clustered with lots of other movie reviews, and comments about other topics. It was shortly after my L.A. trip that the reviews got into the format in which I am now accustomed to writing them.

I've got the 5 Best Picture nominees at the very top, and then I sort of half-heartedly sequenced the rest as best I could according to what they've been nominated for. I've still have yet to see every nominated film, but I will see them when I can. Enjoy.


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