Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Farewell to the Game

Ok, maybe the Superbowl wasn't the greatest game ever played. And maybe these playoffs were not the dynamite, down-to-the-wire finishes most of the country was looking for. And maybe most of our teams (Packers, Titans, etc.) didn't do shit except for blow draft picks and free agents, but there are some things about the season to reflect on, and some things to look forward to.

The Patriots almost getting there: This is one of the best stories of the year to me. I'm not a Pats fan, but I love the way they play the game. They were slammed with a ridiculous amount of injuries and obstacles throughout the year, but still ended up being favored to get to the AFC Championship game at the beginning of the playoffs.

The Colts almost unprecedented choke: It's unbelievable what happened to that team. There must be something seriously wrong with Dungy, Manning, and the Idiot Kicker. As a psychologist, I'd like to find out. As a Titans fan, I don't care....keep losing.

The Steelers: What a strange season for them. High highs, and Charlie Batch lows. Ok, Superbowl champs.

Looking forward to:

The Packers at least showing some sort of recognition of who they are. Look at the Steelers. At least they've been close for most of the past 10 years. Show some class, Green Bay.

The Draft: Should be very interesting this year. I've never really looked forward to a draft so much, just to see what happens.

Rebound: Does Manning listen to the critics, or does he prove them wrong? I bet I know the answer.

Bears: Are they really that good? Is Steve Smith the wunderkind that everybody made him out to be, and that's why you lost in the playoffs? I think most of that defense should be back next year, which should be fun to watch.

I, for one, am sad and pissed after every football season, including this one, for going on a 7 month break. The tension will build, and hopefully we won't have to sit through any T.O. bullshit. Cheers.


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