Monday, April 03, 2006

Baseball Predictions

Since baseball doesn't truly start until the first pitch in Cincinnati (and how I wish I could be there today for the city-wide holiday), I still have a quick minute to put up my predictions. There aren't complicated: everyone will finish at pretty much the same place they did last year. I bet this prediction does as well as most others.

Other predictions, inspired by this list:

-The Reds will start fairly hot, making a few people believe. Then they'll fall off, as they do every year. I'll lose interest in early July. I predict a .500 season.

-Arroyo will be okay, Milton will kind of bounce back, and maybe one other guy will be good. The rest will stink.

-Casey will be okay back home in Pittsburgh, but not great. As he's been for a while now.

-The Cubs will not win the World Series. Far too many people are predicting it. They are the one truly cursed team: by the Trib, and Dusty.

-Someone kind of random will. Like the Dodgers or Indians or something. It won't be the Yankees.

-The steroid scandal will come to nothing. People used steroids and we've known it for years, and Selig and company doesn't truly care. If/when Bonds comes down hurt and retires before he passes Aaron, the major headache will be over.

-If he does pass Aaron, no one will truly care, and it's not because he's black. Steroids have cheapened most baseball numbers.

-In a major upset, I will be more interested in the NHL playoffs than the baseball regular season, something that I've never been able to say before. I wish the steroid issue was dealt with ten years ago.

-You know, for a guy who's relatively optimistic, baseball sure does turn me into a curmudgeon. Five losing seasons in a row will do that too you.

UPDATE: Cubs 16, Freaking Reds 7. It's going to be a LOOOOONG season.


At 4/03/2006 10:09:00 PM, Blogger Jonathan said...

Look at Matt Murton go. Mike, the only mistake the Reds made was giving up the 16 runs. You gotta look at the positive sometimes.


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