Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Movie Releases, 6/23

Adam Sandler plays his Bruce Almighty role in Click. Instead of getting his powers from God, he gets them from crazy mad scientist Christopher Walken, who has given him a remote control that (tag line please) remote controls his universe. This actually looks funnier than Bruce Almighty, and it's written by the same writers. But we're sure to have the same freaking message--there will be laughter, and stuff that's cool, but in the end, the power will be too great for a normal man to possess, and for some reason he'll throw the remote into the sea so that some other stand-up comic can be in the sequel. Waterboy and Wedding Singer director Frank Coraci teams with Sandler again.

Then there's Waist Deep, where Tyrese Gibson plays a man trying to do good, and by that I mean Meagan Good, his tasty co-star. Actually, he's forced into a situation that all ex-convicts have to face sometime in their lives--his son is kidnapped by a gang and he has to do bad, illegal things to get his son back. Any cop arresting him should consider the moral dilemma before throwing him in jail--sometimes illegal is good! This hard-edged thriller comes from director Vondie Curtis-Hall, who did the hard-edged Mariah Carey flick, Glitter.


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